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In The Mood

Saxophone quintet s/a-a-a/t-t-b, also playable as quartet, 4th part optional

arr. Bernd Frank

comp. Joe Garland

grade 4

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„In The Mood“ played by the Glenn Miller Orchestra is probably the most well-known swing song ever. Just the fact that one always has a bigband sound in mind when listening to this piece makes it particularly difficult to perform in the same style with a different orchestration. We gave ourselves plenty of time to publish this piece in an arrangement for five (or alternatively for four) saxophones and are very pleased that we finally have it in our sheet music assortment. It is certain to be a highlight in every concert program that many swing fans have been waiting for.

This arrangement is based closely on the original bigband arrangement. The form is identical and the well-known soli have been written out, but free improvisation is also possible. As of part C this is true first for both tenor saxophones, which are "battling" each other. For the quartet version you will find an extra part on the backside of sax 2 in which the most important parts of the optional (then missing) tenor voice can be found. In parts F and G sax 2 (alto) takes on the part of the trumpet solo. The backgounds here are the same as in the original bigband arrangement. An extremely dynamic diminishment is important in parts H, I and J. It gets quieter and quieter to ppp. Then comes a final rousing finale in part K at full volume.

Each time the theme appears each third note should be accentuated as is notated and all eighth notes should be played as swinging eighths evenly and broadly. The voices must sound self-contained - the first alto leads. Except for those parts which are notated with "even" (towards the end) all eighths should be played in ternary fashion (swinging). At the very beginning of the introduction attention should be paid to the tempo and that it doesn't get ahead of itself in the first measures. The tempo is suggested at 160 beats/minute as a medium value. It can be played a bit quicker, yet the piece doesn't have the same effect if it is played too fast.

Included in delivery:

  • Transposed Score
  • Sax 1
    • Soprano
    • Alto
  • Sax 2: Alto
  • Sax 3: Tenor
  • Sax 4: Tenor
  • Sax 5: Baritone


  • Besetzung s/a-a-t-(t)-b
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 4
  • Dauer (mm:ss) 3:35