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Sheet Music for Saxophone Ensembles


  • 3 saxophones


    In most cases our Saxophone trios consist of two arrangements: One "LOW" version (atb) and one "HIGH" version (sat). Basically both versions are part of our publications.

  • 4 saxophones

    We offer quartets with various instrumentations. Depending on our arrangers, you will find pieces leike satb, s/a-a-t-b, attb, aatb, s/a-a-a/t-b. We also offer quintets which contain one optional part. So you can play them as a quartet. Arrangments containing one or more parts for C-melody saxophones are listed here, too. Last but not least, die Stimmen für das C-Melody-Saxophon enthalten, werden hier ebenfalls aufgelistet. Last, but not least, you will even find arrangements which can be played without a baritone sax. 

  • 5 saxophones

    Arrangements for five saxophones. Some of our arrangements listed in this category are also suitable to be played as quartets. This is specified when valid.

  • from 6 to 12 saxophones

    Arrangements for six or more saxophones. Currently we offer arrangements for 8 and 12 saxophones.

  • C-Melody

    Arrangements für Freunde des C-Melody-Saxophons. Alle Arrangements dieser Kategorie enthalten mindestens eine Stimme für C-Melody-Saxophone.

  • XXX Series

    Arrangements for three Saxophones of the same kind, for example 3 alto saxophones

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