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Sing, Sing, Sing

Saxophone quintet s/a-a-a/t-t-b

arr. Joachim Farbowsky

comp. Louis Prima

grade 4-5


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This swing classic from 1936 was originally arranged by Joachim Farbowsky for the Osnabrück Saxophone Quintet, yet not on the basis of the popular Benny Goodman Bigband version, but rather as an arrangment of the original song by Louis Prima. Characteristic of this arrangement is its contant swing - one could almost sax "heavy swing." This is certainly a real challenge for the fitness of the baritone saxophonist. The four upper voces join together in a close bigband type sound yet also leave room for soli (notated, yet free improvisation is also possible). Most important for this arrangement is the never failing swing! All eighth notes should be played in ternary fashion. Attention to a crisp tempo should also be paid.

Included in delivery: 

  • Transposed Score
  • Part 1
    • Alto
    • Soprano
  • Part 2
    • Alto
  • Part 3
    • Alto
    • Tenor
  • Part 4: Tenor
  • Part 5: Baritone


  • Besetzung s/a-a-a/t-t-b
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 4-5
  • Gewicht (g) weight 132