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From a Distance

Saxophone Quartet satb

arr. by Undine Engel

comp. Julie Gold

Grade 4

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In 1990, Bette Midler catapulted the song „From a Distance“ to stardom with its message of hope conveyed by the lyrics and music. The song itself was composed several years prior in 1985 by singer-songwriter Julie Gold, who at the time was not involved in the music business herself.

I can recall listening to the song, but must confess that the memory of it faded about it as the decades passed. COVID-19 and the related restrictions on meeting friends and performing together and the ubiquitous social distancing made me remember it. The music that Julie composed is so expressive that the message is still preserved even in a purely instrumental version.

The arrangement takes its time, it builds at the end both in tone and volume. The melody is shared by all parts, that way all players fittingly perform separately yet together; the fate shared by almost all musicians since COVID. Julie’s hope can be found in the music as well: in this arrangement, the main melody is rhythmically interrupted with small breaks only to overcome this and then shine through uninterrupted. The lyrics at the appropriate passages speak of hope, harmony, love and God, and the arrangement mirrors this strength by being played in a strong forte before resolving into the unknown.

During the arrangement process, I stuck close to the piano version as it was so rich, that all that was left to do was assign parts to my dearly missed remaining three quartet members.

Prior to publication, I reached out to Julie Gold to tell her that her song was now arranged for a saxophone quartet. She was very happy about it and I want to pass on her message which cut to the chase:


May we keep MUSIC in our lives and HOPE in our hearts.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Your friend in NYC,

Julie Gold



Included in delivery:

  • transposed score
  • Part 1: soprano sax  
  • Part 2: alto sax
  • Part 3: tenor sax
  • Part 4: baritone sax
  • Besetzung satb
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 4