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Saxophone quintet S/A-A-A/T-T-B

arr. Joachim Farbowsky

comp.Jeffrey Porcaro & David Paich

grade 5


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Joachim Frabowsky's saxophone arrangement of the ear worm of the American band Toto from 1982 begins with a solo by the fourth voice (tenor). Many two voiced melodies follow (i.e. also the written out keyboard solo). In the second stanza there is a new variation where both melodic lines are over a layer of sound made of micro polyphonic patterns woven by the three other voices. Here attention should be paid to playing the accompaniment unobtrusively. The particularly characteristic continuous percussion of the original will not be found here. Therefore a main priority in this arrangement's performance is "Keep groovin'!"

Included in delivery: 

  • transposed score
  • Part 1: Soprano/Alto
  • Part 2: Alto
  • Part 3: Alto/Tenor
  • Part 4: Tenor
  • Part 5: Baritone
  • Besetzung s/a-a-a/t-t-b
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 5
  • Gewicht (g) weight 132