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Saxophone quintet S/A-A-A/T-T-B

arr. Joachim Farbowsky

comp. Phil Collins, Nathan East and Philip Bailey

grade 4


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The smash hit by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey from 1984 in an arrangement for saxophone quintett - always with the motto of "Keep on groovin'!". This is particulary true in part A when the soprano saxophone (= Bailey) floats over the characteristic, persistent off-beat riff of the tenor and baritone saxophones. Yet in the refrains the soprano and alto saxophones naturally come back together in the incomparable duett of Collins & Bailey!

In this arrangement all eighth notes should be played exactly and evenly (almost machine like) so that all rhythmic fragments of the individual instruments intertwine with each other perfectly.

Included in delivery: 

  • transposed score
  • Part 1: Soprano/Alto
  • Part 2: Alto
  • Part 3: Alto/Tenor
  • Part 4: Tenor
  • Part 5: Baritone
  • Besetzung s/a-a-a/t-t-b
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 4
  • Gewicht (g) weight 132