Mit 66 Jahren Maximize

Mit 66 Jahren

Saxophone quintet saatb

arr. Martin Gehrmann

comp. Udo Jürgens

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"Mit 66 Jahren" ('At 66 years of age) is one of the most famous songs by the composer and entertainer Udo Jürgens. This song was yet another hit that hit the German charts in 1978 and stayed there for fifteen weeks.

In this modern arrangement for saxophone quintett (saatb) special attention should be paid to the details in the various articulations and phrasing. It is important to play the acents exactly and at the right time in order to create an exact shuffle-rock-groove. This is based in particular to the accompaniment in the tenor and baritone saxophones which extends throughout almost the entire piece. As a contrast to the rock groove particular attention should be paid to an easy loose articulation of the triplets in section B. The melodies of the verses or refrains are carried through the different voices and are marked with "SOLO". In these places own phrasing and techniques (i.e. "growl") may be used.

This hit should not be absent from any group's repertoire as it is gladly heard by both young and old. The arrangement is suitable for more experienced ensembles due to its key changes and breadth.

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  • Transposed Score
  • Sax 1: Soprano
  • Sax 2: Alto
  • Sax 3: Alto
  • Sax 4: Tenor
  • Sax 5: Baritone
  • Besetzung saatb
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 3-4
  • Gewicht (g) 132