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Saxophone quartet attb

comp. and arr. Jon Welch

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Saxophone Quartet by Jon Welch (AATB or ATTB)
This is a fast samba with a very catchy tune that features an interlocking bass line performed by the baritone and tenor saxes, a harmonically flexible solo in the alto sax and some fine ensemble sections. The textures range from just melody and bass line to the same with an added counter melody, a completely harmonized melody and even four part polyphony in the final chorus. Watch out for the 3/4 bars and the interludes which come up on you quickly. Play the dynamics as well and you've got a flashy and great sounding feature for your quartet! Grade: 4 (4:34).
An audio file is available as trombone version

Included in delivery:

  • Score:
  • Sax 1: Alto
  • Sax 2: Tenor
  • Sax 3: Tenor 
  • Sax 4: Baritone
  • Besetzung attb
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 4