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Saxophone trio sab, sat or atb

arr. Heike Zechner

comp. Johann Strauss (son)


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Two versions in one edition: a high version 1 for soprano, alto and baritone or tenor and a low voice 2 for alto, tenor and bari. Despite the different instrumentation the notes of the first and third voices are the same in both versions. Careful! Please do not use the same voices from the different versions at the same time!.

Included in delivery:

  • Transposed score
  • Version 1
    • Sax 1: Alto
    • Sax 2: Tenor
    • Sax 3: Baritone
  • Version 2
    • Sax 1: Soprano
    • Sax 2: Alto
    • Sax 3: Baritone
    • Sax 3: Tenor

  • Besetzung sat, sab und/oder atb
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad 3-4