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Macht hoch die Tür

Clarinet quartet


arr. Gottfried Klier

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Macht hoch die Tür is a 17th century chorale from east prussia. It is one of the best known and most favorite Advent songs. It is available in several languages. Lyrics by george Wessel (1590–1635). 

The music has been found in the so called "Freylinghausenschen Gesangbuch" (Halle 1704. The composer is unknown.

The saxophone, clarinet and brass versions are compatibel. So you can build a mixed wind essemble to perform it.  The flute version is written in another key.

Included in delivery:

  • Transposed score
  • Part 1: Clarinet 1 in B flat
  • Part 2: Clarinet 2 in B flat
  • Part 3
    • Clarinet 3 in B flat
    • Alto clarinet in E flat
    • Basset horn in F
  • Part 4: Bass clarinet in B flat
  • Besetzung vier Klarinetten,